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Deciding how to take your pension benefits is one of the most important financial decisions you're ever likely to make. As part of the new 2011 retirement rules, we consider the changes that will bring Income Drawdown and investment-linked annuity markets closer together and the removal of the forced annuitisation at age 75. On page 08 find out more about how the rule changes could impact on your retirement plans.

During these difficult economic times, one of the tools available to the Bank of England to stimulate the economy is interest rates. Lower interest rates mean that it is cheaper to borrow money and people have more to spend, hopefully stimulating the economy and reducing the risk of deflation. Not good news if you're an income-seeker, so on page 04 we consider some of the alternative income-generating options available.

The easiest way to prevent unnecessary tax payments, such as Inheritance Tax, is to organise your tax affairs by obtaining professional advice and having a valid Will in place to ensure that your legacy does not involve just leaving a large IHT bill for your loved ones. Read the full article on page 12.

Also inside this issue, we remind you not to miss the fast-approaching Individual Savings Account (ISA) deadline – you only have until 5 April to use this tax year's allowance or you'll lose it forever. Also we consider the importance of having the correct protection strategy in place to enable you to protect your family's lifestyle if your income suddenly changes. A full list of all the articles featured in this issue appears on page 03.

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